Louise Pakeman


Stepping Stones
by Louise Pakeman

Dianne loves her life in London, her job, her flat, her cat. But a call from home changes all that. Her mother is dying. Dianne's life is thrown into turmoil. What does she really want? A comfortable, courteous existence in her childhood home in country Australia, with Stephen; or the passion and pace of a fiery relationship with Tony in England? As Dianne struggles with where her loyalties truly lie, she turns for solace to her mother's memories, hoping to find peace and understanding. Instead, she is left reeling by the discovery of a deep family secret which she finds impossible to reconcile. Will she stumble and fall, or will Dianne find each stepping stone on the path to true love?

STEPPING STONES hardcover large print edition is available in libraries in Australia and U.K. STEPPING STONES paperback large print edition is available in libraries in U.S.A.,