Louise Pakeman


Out of Time
by Louise Pakeman

Fern Barclay fled her busy and successful professional life in Melbourne with the intention of leaving behind the emotional upheaval of her recent past. She came to rest in a small town in central Victoria, simply because she was tired of driving and liked the look of it.

Doing her best to ignore the protestations of Paul Denton, the Real Estate Agent who insisted he had met her somewhere before, she stifled her own feelings of recognition. However, it was not so easy to crush the impact of the delapidated old house. It had stood empty for a while and was a wreck. Fern knew she could restore it to its former glory. It would be good therapy, she told herself, rationalising her purchase. Hard work would dispel the disturbing dreams that plagued her and the memories of her recent past.

But Paul, the house, and a cat who considered it his, all conspired to move her out of time.

ISBN 978-1-921456-43-5


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