Louise Pakeman


Loving Stranger
by Louise Pakeman

Something for every reader -- mystery, romance, suspense. This is an enjoyable, easy read written by a talented author who has created believable characters to live out an interesting plot.

Set in Australia on a ranch and in Melbourne, the author acquaints us with a lifestyle many of us know little or nothing about. This is where Englishwoman, Linda who has just lost her job and boyfriend at the same time, finds herself when she applies to an advertisement in the help wanted listings. A position is offered and she accepts.

Linda steps off the plane into a world she couldn't imagine and into a mystery surrounding her employment, employer, and fellow employees. Things are out of kilter and she can't figure out why or who to turn to for help.

Recommended as a pleasant, light read when you want to spend an enjoyable hour or so.

Review by Anne K. Edwards, for eBook Reviews Weekly

Loving Stranger published by Chivers/Thorndike. ISBN U.K. 0 7540 9980 6
U.S. 0 7540 9981 4