Louise Pakeman


Love's Heritage
by Louise Pakeman

Maggie Townsend is on her way to England in response to her mother's dying request. Tucked into her wallet is the address of a grandfather she barely knew existed.

It is only when Tim Fenton, a fellow Australian she meets on the journey, insists on giving her his contact details in London that she begins to have qualms. She is grateful for his concern when she finds her relations rather grander and stranger than she imagined. Her grandfather's refusal to acknowledge her is the first shock, but there are other sinister undercurrents in the houshold.

Tim, and the aunt he is staying with, prove to be true friends when events spiral out of control.

Love's Heritage published by Robert Hale, London. July 2007 ISBN. 978-0-7090-8327-6 Hardback.