Louise Pakeman


Change of Skies
by Louise Pakeman

In response to a reviewer's request the author now relates the story of Stevie's daughter Sue and her artist friend David who briefly featured in Louise Pakeman's previous novel, The Pumpkin Shell.

Now in her early twenties, Sue returns, to 1950s England. On board the homeward bound ship she meets Nick, a boy from New Zealand, who is planning to stay in England for a couple of years.

But when Sue find work in a gallery selling David's paintings, a revival of her teenage crush on him threatens to ruin her relationship with Nick. Filled with conflicting emotions, Sue is recalled to Australia by news of an accident involving her mother.

Will Sue eventually be reunited with David or Nick?

Change of Skies published by Robert Hale, London. Oct. 2004-ISBN. 0 7040 7674 Hardback.