Louise Pakeman


Louise Pakeman has been writing all her life, She has had many short stories, novellas and serials published. She enjoys reading, gardening, tarot, the theatre and the company of her family, both human and animal. Her greatest pleasure is writing and her biggest kick sharing her fictitious characters with other people.

OUT OF TIME is now available, to find out more, click on the cover

TELL ME NO LIES has now been published as an Audiobook, Louise's first book to become an Audiobook.

Louise Pakeman is a full member of THE AUSTRALIAN SOCIETY OF AUTHORS .

Her first full length novel STEPPING STONES was published in Australia as a paperback by Rocky River Romances in 2001. This has now been published as both a hardback and softback Large Print in the U.K. (Chivers) and the U.S.A. (Thorndike).

This was followed by THE PUMPKIN SHELL (also 2001) published by Jacobyte in South Australia as both an e-book and a paperback. In 2003 Thorpe published it in the U.K. as a hardback Large Print.

CHANGE OF SKIES is a sequel to THE PUMPKIN SHELL and was published Oct. 2004 with Robert Hale (London) as a hardback and is now in Large Print edition, published by Thorpe (U.K).

LOVING STRANGER published as an e-book by Zeus in Queensland and as a paperback by Thomsons in the U.K. is out now as a large print with Chivers (U.K.) and Thorndike (U.S.)

OUT OF TIME was published in 2005 by Chivers Large Print (U.K.) and Thorndike Large Print (USA) in 2005.

FLOWERS FOR THE JOURNEY was published in Sept. 2005, also by Robert Hale (London). It is also published as a Large Print Edition by Thorpe (U.K.).

A PINCH OF SUGAR was published by Robert Hale (London) in 2006 and has now been published as a Large Print Edition by Thorpe (U.K.).

LOVE'S HERITAGE, an exciting and thrilling murder mystery, was published by Robert Hale (London) in 2007 and by Thorpe (U.K.) in 2008.

TIME AWAY is a collection of short stories, published in 2008 by Austrailian publisher Ginninderra Press. Click Here to see Time Away.

Louise's latest book, TELL ME NO LIES was published in 2009 by Robert Hale (London). Click Here to see Tell Me No Lies.

Louise Pakeman's books are available from libraries in Australia, England and America and are available from Amazon.

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Louise also writes books as Ann Walker. To see these books, click here